America, at its core, has always been a communist country.

“Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others” is a famous line from George Orwell's the Family Farm. The book was written to warn about dictatorship as it could apply to the United States. But just as Americans were happy to subvert the Bible to their desires and interpret it for their use, so did they interpret the book. They also do this with American history.

We in America are very proud of the founding fathers, of the revolutionary past while ignoring the genocide of Native Americans and the true beastliness of slavery. People say this was in the past, that it doesn’t apply to us, and it allows us to take their land today, imprison the majority of black Americans in jails, and tomorrow, we will again say it wasn’t “us” while happily living among those responsible but never held accountable.

This is the way of the country where all are equal but some are more equal than others. This is the country where a president can lie about war, costing thousands of American deaths and hundreds of thousands of foreign deaths, and not pay a price. This is a country where grave injustices can go on every day, and double-speak slogans “All Lives Matter” or “Illegal Aliens” or “Pro-Life” or “Socialism” and “Capitalism” can undermine those without power.

I recently watched the show The Family on Netflix. It describes how a few white Christian men pick and choose parts of the Bible to help create power that supports capitalism, despotism and power by proclaiming that there should be no judgment or accountability, that they are imperfect vessels who deserve all that they have while ignoring the fact that they kill and murder the powerless and that their wealth comes at the expense of those who have nothing. They take Jesus’s teachings meant to empower the powerless and empower the rich for the sake of the rich.

So how is America communist? Well, we have to go back to its founding, when Americans were little more than the poor landless people coming from Europe. They assumed that because they did not have land and were white, it entitled them to the land of the Native Americans because they were not white. The idea was there to use the power of the state to deprive other people of property and redistribute that property to those who previously didn’t have it. They then just like communism, found the poorest people on earth and forced them onto plantations, or in essence, American style agriculture collectives where the owners had more rights than people without land, which was given out or allowed to be sold only to people connected to the government.

For the rest of American history, the idea of Manifest Destiny was that all this land should belong to white landless people of Europe because they are poor in Europe and the Native Americans living on this land are somehow unworthy of ownership and stewardship because they didn’t eat with forks and knives. And when they did, like the Cherokee, it was an affront to the idea so much so, that not only were they to be forced off their land, but they were forced on a death march. In essence a punishment for even trying to be like the white man, for trying to find a “back way” to keep the land that was “reserved” for the white man. Sent to areas that are barren, where they would have nothing and would die, not unlike Siberia where the kulaks would be sent for the audacity of trying to hold on to land or wealth.

We could go on and spend more time on this, but I think it is enough to give thought to the fact that America has always had those who are “equal” and those who are more “equal”. People like Laura Bush or Edward Kennedy who could kill someone drunk-driving and get away with it while a black kid with a marijuana leaf would be sent to jail for life. People like Trump who can brag about sexual assault and land in white house while women who try to control their body and their family size, were sent to prison and are called killers.

Today Native Americans die earlier, have more problems with alcohol, are less educated than white people, are arrested for protests on their own land and most of the country doesn’t care. It is not a problem because they are less than human, they are not equals, they have no right to ownership of their land just as the landowners in Russia had no right to ownership of theirs. The black people had no right to their labor, the Hispanics have no right to seeking refuge.

There is only one group in America that has all rights, it is the European Christian white people. They can protest masks during a pandemic. They can demand the deportation of immigrants. They can demand an oil pipeline to bypass their community and go through a Native American area.

Lastly, this is not unique to America. This is how things are done in every country with white colonial rule, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina. Communism in Russia and Asia was unique in that it took the wealth from people of the same race and religion. It actually applied some non-racist equality inequality. British inequality on the other hand is just as communist but applied to race. It was back then, and it is today. It is a little more progressive, but at it’s core, it is still unequal. And as Nazi Germany showed us, it is able to revert back to its genocidal slavery self at any time.

Just a guy telling a story.