Democracy in America 1776–2020

Obama was right, Trump coming into office would be the last democratically “elected” president. Although he had help from Russia and voter suppression, we still accepted the vote he received. The Democrats respected the vote of the states that put him over the top. The electoral college voted and he became president. That is the definition of democracy, it is a social contract where the population agrees that if they lose the vote, the other side wins. It does not mean that if you lose, you sue until you get your wish or scream or protest until the other side decides it's ok and let the loser win. No, democracy means that we vote and we all respect the vote and the outcome. And that is what we did since 1776, until today.

While Trump did not respect the vote, not today, not in 2016 during debates, it was not until today that America stopped respecting the vote. When Trump said (paraphrasing) “I won, they stole the election” and that he will sue, he became a tyrant. But the country was still a democracy as long as we, the Americans, Republicans, and Democrats respected the outcome. But today it all changed.

As Trump’s supporters demanded the recount, as they demanded law-suits as they demanded that this election be overturned without a shred of evidence of fraud, they in effect said that they do not trust or believe the vote, unless he wins. When Lindsey Grahm and Mitt Romney said that Trump should sue and fight, they said that they without cause, see that it is better to fight and take chances with the court than accept the legitimate vote of the American people, they effectively said that they do not believe in democracy.

When elected officials break their oath, there must be consequences. There must some way to clear them from the office, the privilege that they are given, the trust they were entrusted with. When there is no recourse for breaking the oath to the constitutions and the people of America, when Americans on the losing party, see this break of the oath as unimportant, then all of America breaks the oath, and in effect, the Constitution becomes worthless.

This is what happened today, today Constitution became irrelevant. Winning was more important than a country that is by the people and for the people. The party that holds the power, can no longer lose for four years and have their chance to convince the American people to pick them. The idea of the next election is no longer there, it is me now and I don’t care what you say.

So if we are no longer a democracy, if the Constitution is irrelevant, laws are no longer important, then what are we?

We are an empire, we are anarchy. In an anarchy, he who has the power, rules. He who has the judges loyal to them, not the constitution holds sway of law and he who commands the troops controls the masses.

The United States has seen its share of troubles. Possibly its toughest days were in 1861 when the South chose to succeed. And while that seems like a day much worse than today, I would argue it is not. I would argue today is much worse because when the South succeeded. This is because the South still respected the Constitution and democracy. Even though they didn’t agree with the results, they accepted them and they simply chose to go their own way. They chose to attack the North, starting a war but it was still two countries of laws, and principles and still two democracies that respect the principle of democracy. But what we have today is much worse.

Today we have a country, where the other side no longer respects or accepts the principle of democracy, today we are a precipice of something much darker and the options and time to save us are running out.

This descent into chaos and anarchy can only be stopped by the Republican party coming together and demanding the acceptance of the results, of purging any anti-democratic members from their party. It is the only way where we say that we have standards, we have principles, we have faith in our Constitution and democracy. It is the only way back from the abyss. Because if we are not to step back, there is no way back up the steep cliffs of this mountain, and the fall is devastating and rarely one that states survive.

Just a guy telling a story.