They Created a Nation, We Can Create it Again, This Time TOGETHER.

In 1776, Americans created a unique country, that would be the first nation in the world to split citizenship by race, sex, age, and class. The White, wealthy Anglo-Saxon men decided on the laws, decided on the anthem, decided on the flag.

What is the flag? The colors of the British, the stars of the conquered lands, the red blood of natives and black people, the white lines of conquering race, the blue of the patrician rulers.

What is the anthem? The song of conquest, attack on neighbors, a condition of the slaves, who yearned for freedom, fighting the nation, that enslaved them.

What are the laws? The laws that enslaved and segregated, repressed natives, slaves, queers, women, and the poor; Jews and Catholics, Mormons and Muslims.

What is America but the rich land full of poor and unfortunate masses. The conquered natives, the stolen slaves, the immigrants with forgotten past, and the wretched refugees. What is America but an idea, made by the few, for the betterment of few.

Why can’t America lose that past that stopped the freedom of the many, for the betterment of few? A reset with new laws, a new system, a new anthem and a new flag? If we could invent it once, why can’t we change it now?

We are a new country today from 1776. We are no longer ruled by wealthy white men. We are no longer a country of only free, white men. We must not be ruled by the past of wealthy white men. America, is the one country born of an idea, and thus to stay as a country of an idea, that idea has to be current, to be current, our flag and anthem must reflect the changes in us. It must respect our past, our diversity, our present and our future.



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