Why Americans Can’t Argue

C.S. Lewis said that “One of the most cowardly things that ordinary people do is shut their eyes to facts.”

I see this all the time, people argue to be right instead of to learn the truth. When you argue to be right, and you hear a contradiction in your own facts, you should question the source and your conclusion. When someone doesn’t do that, it says they are not interested in the truth because they are not bothered by a false fact that they relied on. The veracity of their facts never mattered. We see this all the time.

There’s a Russian movie Brat 2, where the main character says that money isn’t power, truth is. But he is wrong, truth only matters in a society that cares for truth, but we live in a society that cares to be right and facts only matter if they support our point of view, regardless if they are true or not.


Why? We live in a tribal hyper-competitive society. If you are not smart, you don’t have value and this means if you are wrong, then the other person is right and it means they are smarter than you. Being right becomes the highest priority, because it dictates survival, and facts aren’t important when you are just trying to survive.

Just a guy telling a story.